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PREMIER:  Funeral Home - “St. Jude”

The new Funeral Home EP will be released on Valentines Days.  For those of you without significant others and who could care less about the holiday, that’s February 14th, one week from today.

"St. Jude" acts as sort of an interlude on the EP, sitting neatly in the middle as the third track of five.  But don’t let its length and placement fool you, "St. Jude" is a hard-hitting, bass-rumbling, distortion-heavy track that holds its own.  It’s not a "filler track" by any means.  

Lyrically, the song is as simple as they come, implementing the refrain of the age-old hymn “It Is Well With My Soul.”  It seems like an uplifting statement on an EP filled with less-than-cheery motifs, but a deeper look at the backstory to the hymn has me realizing exactly how well it fits into the themes of hardship, confusion, and depression.

Funeral Home’s offering of a self-titled EP after a string of singles and digital seven-inches is much welcomed… and it does not disappoint.  For now, enjoy “St. Jude” and also remember that Popstache debuted opening track “Here Below” last week.  Make sure to head to the Funeral Home bandcamp in a week to snag the Funeral Home EP.

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